Katy and Tom's Wedding
Thursday, December 11, 2014
By Lisa Sweet Photography
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Newport/ RI

As a photographer, our job at weddings is to document the day's events and capture all the little details... and more.  Sometimes it's things that some people overlook. Tom and Katy not only had a DJ, but a 3 piece band that played a little bit of everything ...the air was filled with so much music and laughter, it was not hard to get into the moment along with the crowd.   

      The Chapel that Katy and Tom got married in looked very old with that special charm and exquisite detail you rarely see today in new construction.  When speaking with the priest prior to the wedding I was told that the Chapel was only 4 years old.  The builder was brought in from Portugal to undertake the job... the result was nothing less than breathtaking and beautiful.  From the stain glassed windows to the granite, marble and stone areas... this was the perfect setting for a wedding.

      The Bride wore a mermaid style wedding gown with sequins and beads throughout.  The tulle that lined the inside bottom of the gown created a flair along with a long lace train.  To add a little piece of her own fashion and style... she wore a set of hot pink suede open toe high heels with and ankle straps.  Absolutely stunning, literally from head to toe!

       Usually as photographers we direct the wedding couple with some poses.  Those traditional pictures are taken and then the creativity begins.  For all artists, this is probably the most exciting part of the job.  Watching the way the Bride and Groom connect with each other... laughing and smiling, it's not hard to capture it all in just the right way through the lens.  

Tom and Katy had everything well thought out before the Big Day.  Katy made sure to add that personal touch by displaying old photographs of generations past on their wedding day ... right up to present day.  The Groom's brother had a special song written for his brother and his new bride and sang it while playing acoustic guitar.  The lyrics alone were very emotional as he talked about how he never for a minute  felt like he was losing his brother, but gaining a new sister.  He welcomed her into the family in front of all the guests as a teary eyed Katy got up from her table to hug and thank him.  It was a very special moment. 

Congratulations and Best wishes to Tom and Katy... it was an honor to witness such a beautiful day and to capture it all on camera.















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