Puppy Love
Friday, May 02, 2014
By Lisa Sweet Photography
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Hello Everyone,


                I recently got a new puppy and well.... let's just say it's been a learning experience from the very start.  Her name is Bella.  She is a Havanese Breed Dog.  Although supposedly a hypoallergenic dog, I was reluctant to get one due to my severe allergies to animals and Asthma.  Well, Bella proved to be everything they said she would be and more.  She is a minimal shedding dog and for the first time ever, I have been able to own a puppy and be physically ok too.

         Although she is still a handful in every way... I have managed to get some great photographs of her in action and just being her playful self.  Pet Photography can be a very fun and rewarding job... working with animals all day long would be an adventure, for sure. 

        So, for all you animal lovers out there, I give you:  Bella ~ Above are some photos of Miss Bella

~May 2cd, 2013 

~ Lisa Sweet Photography


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Meredith Murphy - Awesome pics Lisa she's so cute!!!